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Energy Recovering

Industrial plants

Steam plants

As an innovative company, PT Mardegan Fabio, is committed in the context of energy recovering,  in industrial systems, especially in the steam systems

The PT Mardegan Fabio is born from the combination between the experience of Mardegan family, who, from generations, have handed down the knowledges to govern the steam; and the attention to new technologies, in order to provide a more efficient and reiable service. Within a  decade, for example, we use staniless steal pipes, for water and steam distribution... Always at the avantguard with facilities,  to meet customer's request in terms of quality and time, we combine functionality and aesthetics of the plant.

In addition of the steam distribution systems, PT Mardegan Fabio installs stainless steal plants for the food industry and the distribution of specials fluids; civil and industrial thermal systems for winter and summer conditioning; plants for the production and distribution of compressed air; fire systems and fuel supply (natural gas, LPG, diesel); design, install and manage civil and industrial primary water treatment; design and carries out special carpentry works, in particular: pipes bending for the construction of coil heat exchangers, structural parts, stainless steal and carbon steal carpentry.

The PT Mardegan Fabio is on the edge in Energy Recovery fied. Infact, since 1990, suggests and collaborates with its customers to find innovative solutions to improve and increase productivity and reduce fuel compusutions.